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Preparing Your Final Arrangements

Planning your final arrangements with Akes Family Funeral Home and Grimes-Akes Family Funeral Home helps organize data so that your family does need to worry about locating vital information when it’s need most. Planning ahead allows you to select and document your final wishes while eliminating the uncertainty and financial burden from the shoulders of your family.

What to Think about When Purchasing a Printer

When it’s time to purchase a new printer, what should you be looking for? Lenny Edwards of LT Officeproducts offers some tips when shopping for a new one.

3 Keys to Achieving Sustainable Revenue Growth

This week’s featured blogger is from Lori Johnston of Allied Exchange. Learn the 3 things that will help your business achieve sustainable revenue growth.

What is good bookkeeping and accounting?

This week’s featured blogger is Tina Ryan of Bookkeeping Girls. Many businesses fall victim to the “garbage in-garbage out” principle of accounting, which means that messy, inaccurate bookkeeping leads to erroneous financial statements. Good accounting is creating accurate, timely financial statements that truly reflect where your business stands on a month-to-month basis. Without up-to-date accounting records, as a business owner you are unable to make educated business decisions on a timely basis.

Foreclosures & Short Sales – Yet Some Lenders Keep Same Practices!

Today’s presentation from Roy Stewart with Realty World was so “eye-opening!” The housing collapse and our distressed economy that started in 2007 was partially due to fraudulent loan practices and to be informed that it is still happening today is just amazing. We were all given a copy of a fax from a lending company …

Ready, Set, Pack!

This week, Hema Patel with Postal Annex went through tips on packing valuables in a manner that they are received unbroken. She takes care in every package that is sent under her watch. Choosing the correct size box, using the bubble wrap and than filling 2 inches of the “popcorn” filling on the bottom, both …

Get Busy on the Possible!

This weeks speaker, Lenny Edwards with LT Enterprises went through most of the “45 Life Lessons” by Regina Brett.  A few of them included; “Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present”,  “Whatever doesn’t kill you, really does make you stronger” and “Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most …