Things You Should Know About Being Prepared For The Loss of a Loved One

Preparing for a loss of a loved one

Patrick Akes, with Grimes Akes Family Funeral Home, shared with us important topics on what we should know about being prepared for the loss of a loved one and for yourself. Most people do not talk about death. But it is a that death is a part of life. It will happen whether you are prepared for it or not.

The following are the topics presented:

Cost of a funeral

The cost of a funeral can depend on what you want and need. Make sure that you tell the Funeral Director exactly what your vision is.

Cremation; a cremation is a cremation they are all done the same way. why over pay?

Ask Questions

The only wrong question is a question you don’t ask. Feel free to ask all the questions you want. Some questions are harder to answer without getting into a lot of detail, but you should always receive the basic answer.

Think with a clear mind

By thinking with a clear mind you will be able to get exactly what you want and need without overdoing it. When you think with a broken heart you will most likely want too much and over pay. The best way to think with a clear mind is to pre-plan your funeral or memorial service.


Most of the time pre-planning is easier than making the final funerals arrangements. You have time to talk it over with your family, think about it with a clear mind and make monthly payments. By making your pre-arrangement, you’re able to lock in a guaranteed cost. On average, the cost of a funeral will double every 7 to 10 years. Another benefit is that if you decide to move, you can transfer your your plan where ever you go.