Ready, Set, Pack!

This week, Hema Patel with Postal Annex went through tips on packing valuables in a manner that they are received unbroken. She takes care in every package that is sent under her watch. Choosing the correct size box, using the bubble wrap and than filling 2 inches of the “popcorn” filling on the bottom, both sides and the top inside the box, keeps your shipment unbreakable no matter what shipping company sends it or who may be throwing it into the truck.

It is so important to use a company that you can trust but it is more valuable to know that your packages are sent with the same care you would take yourself. Hema Patel with Postal Annex takes that time to put forth the effort to package and ship your items as if they were her own.

Any time I use them, my items are received on time and in excellent condition.