Healthy Lawns Offer Cooling Effects!

This weeks speaker, Mark Cowper – owner of Mark Cowper Lawn & Landscaping, spoke on the topic of “The benefits of a healthy lawn”.

We have all driven by homes with beautiful green, luscious lawns with amazing plants and trees.  We sometimes envy them and some of us wish we could have the same.   During Marks presentation, he informed us of quite a bit about the often unknown benefits of lawns.

For instance, although the Astro Terf (synthetic) type lawns are becoming popular for so called “low maintenance”, weeds still come up through the terf. So much for low maintenance.  More importantly though, lawns offer a cooling effect.  For example, 8 lawns can offer the same cooling effect as 15 air conditioners.  So having a healthy lawn keeps it cooler in your yard – Interesting.

Then of course we learned that lawns convert carbon dioxide into oxygen for our environment, same as plants.  A healthy lawn offers curb appeal which can make up almost 50% of a properties value.

Mark Cowper Lawn & Landscaping offers commercial and residential maintenance, clean up and low tree trimming services.  They will also repair broken sprinklers.

Mark loves working with nature and his passion shows in his work and professionalism.  He has long standing customers – many for as long as 15 years. This speaks highly of his business ethics and trustworthiness.

Mark has been married for 31 years and has 3 grandchildren that he enjoys.