• Weekly Meetings

    You will have the opportunity each week to promote your products and/or services to the business community who can use and promote your business.

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  • Category Exclusivity

    Each professional category is protected by allowing only one person or business to represent that field.

The Leaders Club of the Inland Empire

is a networking group that work together to help each other promote our businesses.

We are especially interested in potential members in the following fields:
  • Auto insurance
  • Mortgage broker
  • Florist
  • Computer/IT tech
  • Home insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Banker
  • Photographer
  • Handyman
  • Auto mechanic
  • CPA
  • Medical (dentist/chiropractor)

Have Breakfast on Us. No Obligation.

Be our guest. We meet every Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM for one hour at Hunny's Restaurant, 203 W. 6th Street, Corona, CA 92882. We continually help each other increase our businesses.
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What is good bookkeeping and accounting?

This week’s featured blogger is Tina Ryan of Bookkeeping Girls. Many businesses fall victim to the “garbage in-garbage out” principle of accounting, which means that messy, inaccurate bookkeeping leads to erroneous financial statements. Good accounting is creating accurate, timely financial statements that truly reflect where your business stands on a month-to-month basis. Without up-to-date accounting records, as a business owner you are unable to make educated business decisions on a timely basis.